KZN Project Engineering is a team of 5 dedicated surveyors, each with skills in rtk GPS and robotic, reflectorless Total Station.

We were formally PJ Survey LTD in UK which started in 2000 and established here in South Africa in 2006. Before that our director was a freelance surveyor here in South Africa. We bring international as well as local knowledge to our clients.




Welcome to the KZN Project Engineering Website


We do not scrimp on quality, these are our tools and they are of the highest standard. Our teams have access to and skills for both GPS (Global Positioning System) or TPS (Totalstation Positioning System).

We have been involved in all types of contracts, both in SA and abroad. From settingout:  piles, earthworks, roads, office blocks to surveying and monitoring for design purposes.

We work within tolerance and use the best methods to achieve this. Always applying practical methods.

We have developed systems for most situations of measuring. The end goal being Quality Assurance. We do not guess or estimate, every position is absolute and referenced. You have piece of mind throughout the contract.

We keep our pricing fair and competitive. It often comes down to what you will loose by accepting less. Survey is one of the worst activities in a given project where one should cut costs.  Call us, we can tailor a deal to suits your needs.


Please browse our site, make use of the download links and when you are serious about beating your competition, give us a call.

We enjoy a challenge.




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