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We have not scrimped on quality, these are our tools, are of the highest standard and always running the latest software. We only use Leica products, this alone is a tall order considering they are 3 times the price of the equipment most our competitors use. Our teams have access to and skills for both GPS (Global Positioning System) or TPS (Total-Station Positioning System) where required.

Types of contracts, we have been involved in them all, both here in SA and abroad. Experience is also measured in your ability to work efficiently and take care of your clients best interests.

We work within the tolerances required and use the best methods to achieve this while keeping your teams working. We may have some of the most sophisticated equipment but this never stops us from applying practical methods.

While the term might spell rigidity to some, we have developed systems for most instances. The end goal being QA (Quality Assurance). We keep more than one system running, even as we work our machines are logging our surveyors work automatically into log files, this aside from the individual jobs AND programs on the machines which run their own QA logging systems. Our machines are recording field files, QA job files and individual program QA files. After each days work these files are downloaded and uploaded via Internet and backed up. We do not guess or estimate, every position is absolute, referenced to given information and recorded as such. You have piece of mind throughout the contract.

You would expect, especially given the outlay of our equipment, for us to charge more than usual, not true. We are associated to other surveyors and keep our pricing fair and competitive. It often comes down to what you will loose by accepting less. Survey is one of the worst activities in a given project where one should cut costs, corners or scrimp on call outs.

Call us, we can tailor make a call out structure that suits your needs.


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